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Remember every milestone.

Tracking Every Day Developments

A-Z, you need it we have it, all for your baby's growth.

Connected with your family

Add your family members as caregivers with real-time sync on all devices.

Insights you need

Visualize your data with beautiful and meaingful charts to help you on journey with parenthood.

The Parents Community

Talk to, ask around or give opinions to help yourself and others.

Tracking every day developments

What do you do with your baby all day? As a new parent, you want to record all that data: Feedings, diaper changes, solid foods, naps, sleep, and more. Teddiary, your little helper, records every activity like feedings, diaper changes, bathing or playing with mom and more. You'll also get information about what's going on in your baby's brain during these activities. Enjoy the time with your baby and keep an eye on his developmental steps.

Connected with your family

Add your family members as caregivers, with real-time syncing on all devices. Enable your partner or caregiver to always be in the loop, even when they are away from home. If you want to connect with them, an in-app community is available for you to chat and share those precious moments! The first word or playtime with the grandparents, everything can be enjoyed together.

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Insights you need

We all use our phones for everything! They are always nearby and can be incredibly helpful, especially in the early baby months. Visual charts show you what your baby did today, how much time they spent sleeping, and how much time they interacted with others. You can visualize your data with beautiful and meaningful charts to help you on your parenting journey.

The parents community

You can get support not only from your friends or family, but from the entire Teddiary community on a single platform. Join the conversation, ask around or give opinions to help yourself and others. Connect with the Teddiary community to ask all the "Is this normal?" questions you have. With just one click, you'll get the support you need for your amazing journey as a parent.